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YAAAY! We did it! A HUGE thank you to our eco committee for their efforts in helping us achieve our very first Eco Schools Green Flag! Caring for our planet is everyone’s responsibility. We would also like to thank each and every student for participating.


We had a wonderful time meeting our new animal friends. We met Winston the bearded dragon, Malcolm the leopard gecko, Neville the snake, Marvin the giant African land snail, Remy the hamster and Gertrude the wide mouthed tree frog!


Nursery class are definitely passing through an enclosing play schema! This is when they like to enclose themselves and toys in buildings and boxes. Through this schema they are showing an interest in shape and space!


A huge THANK YOU to our Buntingford PTA for providing us with our caterpillars. We have loved watching them transform into butterflies! KS1 & KS2 enjoyed releasing theirs. EYFS are still waiting for a few to emerge ☺️ 🦋


Buntingford First School is a Climate Action award winner!Read the full story


Our eco committee: saving the world, one tree at a time! 🌳


We are working towards earning our silver award from the 🌳 today we completed the viewpoints challenge, exploring nature from different perspectives!


The eco committee have been hard at work planting a wildflower area to support pollinators. They produced posters to encourage others to do the same! 🐝


Well done to some of our friends for their litter picking efforts at the weekend! Remember, we have four litter pickers you may borrow, just ask your class teacher!


In nursery we have some very strong and brave little ladies! 💪😀


Finally it’s here! Head over to our new instagram page and follow us ❤️


It was a busy afternoon for the eco committee today!


Here it is… Our collaborative mural to celebrate taking care of our wonderful world ❤️🌎


What an exciting end to a fantastic half term… Oak class had a special delivery from outer space, spaceship parts! The children decided that the mummy and daddy aliens must have arrived to collect their baby and parked their spaceship on the roof!


Staff Wellbeing lunch is ready - we love how brilliant our staff are here! Thank you for all that you do for our children.


KS2 have really enjoyed thinking about the wonderful community we have in Buntingford. The children have used their Computing skills to create a summary of their work.


Really proud of our school choir performing, ‘This is Me,’ at our Easter assembly.


We have been so lucky to have had a healthy foods workshop run by Aspens. We learnt about tasty, healthy snacks and all the good they do for our bodies. We made a fruit and vegetable smoothly, which was delicious, healthy and sweet! We are allowed sweet treats, just not too many!


We have been learning about the importance of our wonderful community in Buntingford in our PSHE lessons recently. Year 3 and 4 have decided to get creative to make some Easter cards and gifts for our friends Layston Grove Care Home


We have had such a great time in after school club today with Mrs Garner, it was so much fun to bring our bikes and scooters to school to use!


A sneak peak of tonight’s trust concert 🎶


A sneak peak of tonight’s trust concert 🎶


🚨 NEWS UPDATE! 🚨 Nursery have made a discovery…


Houston, we have a problem… looks like Oak class will need to wear their detective hats this week!


KS2 worked extremely hard on their Lion King masks and we are so proud of the final result! They also created a dance to a favourite song from the film. Watch this space - coming soon to a screen near you!

Sustainability at BFS

At Buntingford First School we don't just learn about the importance of sustainability during our ESR lessons.  Throughout the year we mark special days and weeks to show that we always have sustainability at the forefront of our minds, ensuring that we are equipped for our futures.


Earth Day

The children worked together in their house groups to create a collaborative art piece using recycled materials.  Each house then came up with their own pledge to commit to caring for our planet.

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Our collaborative mural to celebrate taking care of our wonderful world

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Planting pumpkin seeds today in Birch Class…looks like they’ll be getting plenty of watering over Easter with the rainy forecast!

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Our School Building

KS2 enjoyed learning about our special sustainable school building in ESR. We went around the school looking at the different design features of the building that make it more sustainable e.g. triple glazing, solar panels, air source heat pump, north facing classrooms, south facing social spaces, bird boxes, wildlife area with a pond, bike/scooter shelter with a living roof to name a few!

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Bug Hotel

Reception children were eager to welcome new bugs and mini beasts to our new bug hotel. Not all were keen when they saw a spider!

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Saving Water

We heard from Jenny who lived in Cape Town during the drought and how her family managed to conserve water. KS2 created their own PowerPoints to share some top tips on how to save water as part of our learning in ESR.

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Tree Rescue

The children in Oak class rescued a sapling that had been blown over in the storms. It was a lot of work and we even discovered a dinosaur tooth while digging!

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RSPB Big Bird Watch

We are birdwatchers aka ornithologists! We are supporting the RSPB’s Big School’s Birdwatch. You can get involved at home too! See how many different birds you can see. Find out about them, draw a picture of your favourite bird or make a poster to bring in and show your teacher. Can you capture any good photos?

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Recycle Week

 We ran a competition to design a new recycle logo that would appear on all our bins and letters.  This is our winning design! 

Bfs recycle

- To celebrate recycle week, nursery have been making models using recycled materials. Check out our jet packs and hoovers!

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- We explored a fun way to reuse our plastic bottles: by making lava lamps!

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- Move over London and Milan….the catwalk has arrived at Buntingford First School for Recycle Week. The whole school came to watch some of the innovative and creative designs from KS1 and KS2 using recycled goods.

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- Sorting materials so they can be recycled.

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Bird Feeders

As you can see, the creative corner is one of the most used areas in nursery! We had great fun recycling our used milk cartons into bird feeders. Through the extremely messy process, we learnt the word ‘drizzle’ to describe the way we were applying the paint and also why PVA glue helps the paint stick! #messyplay

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Nature in Art

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

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Social Media contact with Malaika Vaz

And we can’t wait to meet you Malaika Vaz ☺️

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Our Mascot, Chico, an endangered red panda gifted to us by Layston Grove.


Poetry Competition: Our World

We were delighted that one of our pupils won the local library poetry competition with an inspirational poem about our world.

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Fairtrade Assembly

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about the importance of Fair Trade during their ESR (Education for Social Responsibility) lessons. They decided to spread the word so they planned and delivered an assembly to KS1. Brilliant work KS2 - thank you for being so conscientious!

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